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Ambitions for Christ is moving to a new address!

After much thought and pray, I have decided to take the leap into making a real website home for Ambitions for Christ. This means I will no longer be posting here at my account. I’m so thankful for each one of you who are following me here and I would be honored if you came and checked out Ambitions for Christ’s new home-

I would appreciate your prayers as my new site is currently a work in progress as I learn new techniques each day to build my website. This is definitely a learning experience and God is using it to teach me LOTS of patience and perseverance! 🙂

Thank you again for your kind comments and likes here and I hope to see you at my new address in the future!

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Wisdom Wednesday-Proverbs 9:6

Within this passage of Proverbs, Wisdom is portrayed as a person to give us a better image of how much she wants us to follow God’s way of wisdom. She sets a perfect table of good food and asks us to her great home to live with her. Within this context is Proverbs 9:6, “Leave your simple ways and live, and walk in the way of insight.”

As God’s beloved children, He desires His best for us up to and including sacrificing His Son, Jesus, so we could attain eternal life in Heaven. He wants us to live life abundantly and be able to do all that He has planned for us to do from the beginning of time. However, if we are unwilling to give up our old fleshly patterns of doing things, we will not get to experience all that God truly has in store for us as believers.

Leave your simple ways. No, God doesn’t want us to try to find the hardest route to the grocery story. He wants us to put behind us our old flesh and old lives and old ways of doing things that are contrary to His wishes for us. For myself, this often comes in the form of pride. It is easy for me to fall into the trap of feeling proudful simply because I was blessed with a Christian upbringing. This leads me to looking down on others rather than having a humble, servant heart. Pray and ask God to reveal to you all the “simple” or foolish ways that are still harbored in your heart and life. He will reveal them to you as you study His word and spend quiet time with Him. God delights to help His children remove the barriers that distract from Himself!

Live. So often Christians are accused of simply being against things in today’s world. They are against sex outside marriage, they are against abortion, they are against drinking, they are against, against, against! While we are called to take a stand as believers and say no to what God says no to in His Word, we are also called to say yes to what God says Yes to! For believers, this can even look like highlighting the opposite of our Nos-for instance, God does say yes to sex within marriage between a man and a woman and He wants to bless marriages that honor Him. Highlight that by the way you live life with your spouse! Highlight the importance of all life in how your treat and respond to your children. When Christians live a set apart, holy lifestyle, it will draw questions but it will also be shining the light of Jesus to a dark and hurting world.

Walk in the way of insight. Have you ever felt like you needed to check your brain at the door to be a Christian? Perhaps you have felt that faith couldn’t mix with reasoning and sound thought. It is the exact opposite of that! God wants us to love Him with all our hearts, all our strength, and all our mind. I love that! Speaking as a person who loves the academic side of life in any aspect, I am particularly grateful that God gives us His blessing to think and reason and process thoughts about Him and about the world around us. This means we can study Scripture to gain insights into God’s truth and love and apply that to our lives. We “walk” in the light of what we learn from spending time with God and His Word.

Today my prayer is that you continue to seek out God and the wisdom He gives so that you may live life fully and abundantly for Him.

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Practical Fellowship Ideas for Building Relationships with Other Christians

How often have you wanted to try to have times of fellowship with other Christians? I mean, you know fellowship with other believers is something that God has called you to do to help grow your faith yet you just can’t figure out ways to do that.

Below is a list of practical ideas for initiating times of fellowships with other believers. This list is in no way exhaustive-this is just to serve to get your creative juices flowing. Perhaps one of these would work for you with a little tweaking. The most important thing to remember is to pray and ask God to show you what ways He wants you investing your time with other believers to help you all grow in your spiritual lives and to help you be better at reaching out to a lost world. Okay, with all that said, here’s some ideas! 🙂

  • Plan a camping trip. There is something about sitting outside in God’s creation around a crackling fire that makes people want to open up and share. Some of the best discussions I have ever had with teens in youth groups have been around campfires. These times of quiet and disconnect from the busyness of the usual world allow for time to consider how big God is and ways we, as Christ-followers can know and serve Him better. Variations on this idea can include picnics at a local park or bike rides to a local tourist location.
  • Host a group for mothers to put together freezer meals in bulk at a local church or school kitchen. Find something practical that moms already have to get done-like feeding their busy families-and turn it into an opportunity for fellowship. Again, this can be changed to fit any group. For instance, men could have an oil change Saturday where they work together with a local mechanic to check and change everyone’s oil. Or teens could have a service Saturday where they travel to several elderly people’s homes and help them clean up their yards in the spring or the fall. These are all great ways to get like minded Christian groups serving others in the body of Christ as well as outreach options too.
  • Go Christmas caroling. This one is actually a yearly tradition at my church. We round up a group of carolers, carpool to several places including the local nursing homes, elderly and disabled shut-ins, and local military families and we sing for an entire afternoon. To wrap up, we all come back to church together, eat warm soup and just enjoy fellowshipping. It is a great way to step back from the busyness of the Christmas season and focus on the real reason for the season-celebrating Jesus birth-with other Christians!
  • Go on a Prayer Walk. Last year, a local Christian couple led a prayer walk through our town starting at the elementary school winding around town past the middle school and ending at the park across from the high school. What was awesome was the group of people that showed up. They were from pretty much every church in town! It became an awesome experience of worship and prayer across the denominational divides and it really made everyone aware again of the importance of praying for those in our local community. Another variation of this could be a prayer vigil before an important election or an all-night prayer meeting to begin or end a school year.
  • Host a training and/or retreat for Christians. There are TONS of resources out there that allow to create a retreat/training weekend with relatively few headaches. Perhaps have a weekend evangelism training program. Or consider hosting a marriage retreat for Christian couples. This is a bigger commitment then the other options I believe but it also can have a huge impact in the long run towards building fellowship within a community of believers. Bonus points go to the fact that this idea also works to equip believers in their faith walk even more!

For Kids:

Let’s not forget to train and bring up the younger generation to learn a love for fellowshipping with other believers. Here are a few ideas that can be tailored to the younger people in your lives.

  • Birthday party for Jesus. What kid doesn’t love a birthday party? Turn this excitement into a great celebration at Christmas time by focusing on Jesus and His birth. There are pages of ideas on Pinterest plus certain Christian bookstores even sell Happy Birthday Jesus supplies and kits to make planning this party an one easy. Best of all, you can help kids focus on the fact that they can give their hearts to Jesus! Variations of this could be Resurrection celebrations at Easter or Passover meals to explain the traditions that Jesus held while He was on Earth.
  • Host a Sports day camp. Perhaps you have some athletic Christians in your circle of friends who would be willing to hold a day camp for basketball or baseball or some other sport. This could be a fantastic time of fun and friendship for kids who have athletic abilities plus you can come alongside this time with special discussions about how we need to run our life race well. There are tons of sports/fitness analogies out there to reach out to kids and help them grow in their faith with other kids their own age. Variations of this could include music camps or drama clubs depending on talents and skills within your circle of believers.
  • Nursing Home Visitations. Pick a holiday like Valentine’s Day and have kids take a day to create Valentine’s Day cards for all the residents and staff at a local nursing home. Then take the kids to the nursing home and allow them time to visit and mingle with the residents and give out their cards. It’s best to pick “smaller” holidays as often no one thinks to celebrate these times with shut-ins. This is a way to get the kids out of their comfort zone and talking to others plus it will be a bright point to the older generation. I have done this before with a small Bible study group of mine and it was a powerful time of fellowship and service that some of them still talk about!

Ideas for times of meaningful fellowship are endless. What matters is that you pray for God’s leading and then take action! Also, don’t discount unplanned times of fellowship that occur naturally in the course of life. Perhaps you run into a Christian friend at the grocery store and end up having a great conversation or while working out at the gym you strike up a conversation with another Christian who happens to listen to the same music you do. God will lead to just the right fellowship times that you need. Be open to taking those times and savoring them. It truly can be a taste of what Heaven will be like someday!

Share any ideas you have in the comments! I love hearing how other believers find unique and creativity ways to spend time together!

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True Stories from a Church Attendee

Since my recent posts have been on the importance of being in relationships with fellow believers of Jesus Christ within the church, I figured it couldn’t hurt to share some true stories of what that looks like. In recent weeks, I have read stories of young people who avoid church and their reasons. While I do not discount their stories, I must say that I find it heart breaking to hear believers who cannot find joy in fellowship with those who they will be spending eternity with in Heaven. I hope this post will encourage those who might be struggling to try again to find that joy.

So here are a few stories from my own experience of being a faithful church member and growing in fellowship with those Christians closest to me during my years on this earth.

First, let me start with a small background. My great grandpa was one of the founding members of our church after he landed here in America. It was and still is a small country church in the middle of nowhere (seriously, like nowhere!) So not only do I have spiritual family history with my church family but I have blood relative history which can be both a blessing and a curse depending on the day! 🙂 During my times living in areas other than here, I have been surrounded by other bodies of believers who have fulfilled all the exact same roles that my home church has so I don’t believe that you have to be a bonafide “member” of some church or denomination to benefit in any way with relationships with other Christians. Just a point of clarity.

Okay, so onto the true stories starting with when I was a kid. Truth be told, I am a nerd. No, really! 🙂 I was especially a Sunday School nerd. I knew crazy Bible trivia like no one’s business and I was six. One time during the Sunday School kid singing hour, I answered a bizarre random question that the teacher, Denis, put forth. Unfortunately, since I answered with all the clarity of six year old, and because he was slightly confused by how I answered it, he said that my answer was incorrect and moved on. I was a little bummed by it but really didn’t think that much of it. (Honestly, my little prideful heart knew I was right so I was probably mostly just smug that I knew something he didn’t-yeah, I was a great kid…)

Anyway, a few days later, our phone rings and Mom says it is for me. It was Denis calling to ask me to forgive him. He just realized that I had given the right answer all along and he was sorry that he said I was wrong. It was such a simple act, yet twenty some years later, here I am writing about it. His humbleness to apologize to me and be willing to admit a mistake taught me and my young prideful heart a HUGE lesson that I admit still clings to me. Plus, it has made me aware of how much little kids are affected by those Christian adults in their lives. They are watching and learning!

Another time, while my husband and I were surviving a crazy stressful job situation for him in a new area away from both our families during our first year of marriage, we were able to experience the power of connecting with a body of believers. To put it mildly, our first year of marriage was stressful and so full of changes that we were really feeling like we were in over our heads a lot of days. A lady that worked at Nick’s job came alongside us and reached out to us and brought us to her church which has become like our church home away from home. If it hadn’t been for her first steps of outreach, I seriously don’t know where we would be. It seemed like such a simple invitation to her but to us it was a lifeline both spiritually but also physically and emotionally that really helped give our marriage a solid foundation. God places Christians in our lives for those reasons too! He is awesome like that! 🙂

Another time, while I was still single and working at a worldview training camp one summer (my first summer fully away from my family) I remember feeling distant and unable to connect with anyone at first. Most of the other staffers were from large cities and very different backgrounds from my own. On our first night, during a silly getting to know you game, it became known that I had castrated calves on my family farm and ranch, moved hay bales by hand, and helped with C-sections on mama cows. I think they thought I was some female John Wayne or something. (Looking back, it is funny!) But those first few days had me feeling painfully aware of my differences. Then one of the other staffers made a point of talking to me and asking questions.And these weren’t the questions related to cattle or college courses or anything, there were honest questions about where I was in my walk with God currently, where I had recently seen God’s faithfulness, and how God had called me to be there at that ministry that summer. The depth of questions and conversations that came of those questions finally helped me to move beyond outer experiences to realize that my true connection with these people was in a common goal of reaching students for Christ. It pulled me into a summer of ministry and closeness to God unlike I can explain. And it all started because another Christian was willing to reach out and talk about more than the weather.

Okay, one more story for tonight. And it’s a story I can say repeats itself many times over. This morning, my husband and I didn’t want to get out of bed and get ready for church. It was cold, we could hear the wind blowing, we hadn’t slept great the night before, etc. etc. etc. But we got up and got going anyway, mostly out of sheer habit (that’s the beauty of a healthy habit, it keeps you going when you don’t want to!)

By the time we were out the door to church, we were already having a good discussion about an article we read and chuckling over our daughter’s silly antics. Then we arrived at church. Like I mentioned before, it’s a small church so everyone has to stop to say hi and smile at Laura and such. She, of course, rises to the occasion by showing off her little nose crinkles and blowing kisses. 🙂 The other mom at our church with younger children gave her a sheet of stickers to play with which she loved. We talked to those around us about the benefit the week before and how well it had turned out. We talked about Vacation Bible School in a few months. Then the actual church service began.

The children come up for a Children’s Story at one point during the service and today’s just happened to be on one of my favorite passages out of Matthew.You know, how Christians shouldn’t worry. God feeds the birds of the air and clothes the lilies of the fields. How much more will He care for us.And it spoke to me in a huge way. One of the reasons I hadn’t wanted to get out of bed was due to the fact I had been fretting during the night about details about the upcoming birth of our next child. It was silly details too, not even big stuff, but it had kept me awake. And here the Holy Spirit used this time to remind me of His faithfulness to always be with me and care for me and my family.

Then the sermon came. It was about being strong and courageous in the Lord’s power. It spoke exactly to both me and my husband. We talked about it for quite awhile following church as it was just the spiritual nourishment we had been needing to get us going again today. And God accomplished all this by bringing us into a time of fellowship with other Christians.

So, in closing, no, not every moment with other Christians is easy or uplifting but there are definitely a reason to keep seeking out times of fellowship with other believers. God has it there for a reason. Don’t miss out.

Okay, those are a few of my stories. Please share your stories in the comments. I would love to hear them!

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How to Build Solid Relationships with Other Christians

Have you ever stopped to count all the ways your life influences the lives around you? How many people are truly in your circle of influence? There are the obvious people, your family, your friends, your coworkers, or your church group. There are the less obvious people you influence as well. The cashier as the grocery story, the teller at the bank, the waitress at the restaurant, nameless people who will only enter our lives for perhaps a few minutes or seconds. It’s truly overwhelming if you think about how many people you will come in contact with during the course of your life!

Today however, we are going hone in and focus on one specific group of relationship in your life. This in no way discounts the importance of other relationships (we will talk about those in other posts in the future, trust me! 🙂 ) So what relationship is this? Well, the relationship most often referred to as fellowship of believers in the Bible-namely your relationship with other Christians!

Hebrews 10:24-25 commands,” And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.”

In today’s world of countless denominations and divisions being brought to the church, it is easy to want to shy away from the church and the relationship with other believers. Churches are filled with messy people to know. So how to do we go about building God-honoring, purposeful relationships with those who share our faith?

First, we have to be right with God. Pray and ask God to open your eyes to ways that you might not be right with Him or others. Sin we have not dealt with in our lives will affect our most important relationship with God. And once that relationship is affected, all other relationships will be out of kilter as well.

Second, if God has shown you a person or persons you are not right with, go deal with that. It’s not easy but it has to be done. Most relationship problems you hear of in church are caused by pride and lack of forgiveness between two people over some (usually) minor misunderstanding. Don’t let something small grow into a big deal that could affect the whole body of believers. This doesn’t mean that you gloss over and pretend things aren’t wrong. Instead, you focus on finding ways to find peace with this person or persons through the power of the Holy Spirit helping you both.

Third, start participating in positive, powerful times of fellowship. This doesn’t mean you sign up for every single activity offered to you by your church or by your Christian friends. It means prayerfully deciding (especially with your spouse if you are married) a few places to plug yourself in on a regular basis. For myself that currently includes Sunday morning services at our church, a ever other week Bible study with Christian moms outside of my church family, and occasional Operation Christmas Child shoe box prep days with the ladies of our church. This doesn’t overcrowd my schedule to the point of burnout plus it allows me to gain closer times with those in each of my chosen activities. There are obviously more things I could be involved in but right now those are not a good fit for my life or my walk. Pray and decide where to plug yourself in at!

Don’t let negative experiences at a church or with another Christian in the past hold you back from God-designed fellowship time with other believers. Reach out to your fellow Christians, find a solid Bible-teaching church community to surround yourself with, and work to build time tested friendships that will literally go on for all eternity!

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Why Christians Need Other Christians

How many of you are introverts? How many of you are not necessarily introverts but just want some days where you don’t have to deal with people ever again? Perhaps it is after a long day of work, especially if you have to work with the public! 🙂 As much as there are times and places where I love to hang out and catch up with friends and enjoy relationships with others, I must admit there are many days where I just want to pull the shades, turn on Netflix and never see another soul (at least for a day or so!)

While there is nothing wrong with taking time away from people (Jesus did it when he went away from the crowds to pray and be alone early in the morning), it can become problematic when we start to idolize time by ourselves. Speaking as an introvert especially, there are times when I truly struggle with reaching out to those in my circle of relationships. It is exhausting and I would prefer to fulfill my fleshly desire to just be alone. And this isn’t the alone like Jesus exemplified where He spent purposeful quiet time meditating and talking to God, this is selfish “ME” time.

Before I go too far with this, let me state that there definitely are times in our day where we should take a few minutes to ourselves to refresh but those should be moments to refuel ourselves for what God is calling us to do with our day, not extended times of indulgence. This is where I struggle. I want (read: idolize) the extended times and God doesn’t call me to that right now, especially in this season as a young mother. As with everything, it is hard to find that balance.

My best practical advice for this is to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to make it aware to you when you are stepping over that line of needed moments alone and into the area of indulgence of your fleshly desires over God’s will. This is an area that is easy to turn into legalization as well so be sure to guard against that, how God calls you to use your time is between you and Him. It will most likely look very different from those around you, especially if you are in different seasons of life.

How about you? What are some ways that you find God calling you away from the busyness of the world and relationships to spend time with Him? Or how is He calling you out into the world and to relationships in purposeful ways? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

And next time, I will continue with the flip side of this conversation-the need for fellowship and relationships with others, especially other Christians!

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Jury Duty

Two weeks ago I received the little piece of paper that all American citizens love to grumble about: the jury duty summons. Trial by a fair and impartial jury of your peers is a great cornerstone of our Constitution and our country however it doesn’t always feel so great when you are one of the peers called upon.

For some reason, I tend to be a jury summons magnet. They draw it like they draw lotto numbers-totally at random. I must be random because I have received more of those silly slips of paper than I can even count! My husband has received two and never had to report. I have received countless and had to report at least three times in the past three years alone.

Thankfully most of the times I have received the summons, when I call the night beforehand as instructed they have canceled the trial and I don’t have to report. Last night however, I was greeted with the recording, “Please report for jury duty.” Sigh, okay.

You have to understand I do find all things government and law based fascinating under normal circumstances. But there is something about sitting in a hot, tiny courtroom on a gorgeous day while 7 months pregnant that takes a LOT of the fascination about the process out of me!

Sorry, I realize this sounds like me just whining about my day. Thankfully, I was not one of the chosen 12 to be seated on the jury and was allowed to leave after three hours. But in those three hours I was struck again by how amazingly real justice is. A good and honest judge cannot overlook wrong doing. Watching as the judge and the lawyers decided who would best make a truly impartial juror for this particular case re-instilled in me the fact that God built this love of justice into us, His image-bearing creation. We want justice to be served. We want the right and fair decision to be made. We want to know who is guilty and who is innocent.

There were all types of walks and backgrounds and such of people in that courtroom today. To put it mildly, we were an assorted bunch. But as the day dragged on it was apparent that we had some basic fundamental “something” inside of each of us that made us want what was best to make sure true justice happened. For some of those being questioned, it meant being honest and saying they wouldn’t be able to impartial due to some part of their history. (It was a criminal drunk driving case which obviously evoked lots of feelings in people one way or another.) For others, it was them stating that they were certain they could be impartial and listen to all the evidence.

Basically, I caught a few little glimpses of God today in His creation in a new way. And once again, as always when I glimpse God’s creation in us humans, I just have my breath taken away! He truly is a great God who loves truth and justice and gave us just a little piece of Himself in that way as well. Let’s just take a moment to praise Him!

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Current Reads-Newton and Polly

Today I’m taking a break from my blog posts about giving (still working on smoothing out and crafting the next section on it.) But I still wanted to write and share something so I decided to highlight the current book I am reading.

First off, this book is a little out of my normal reading range. I tend to read non-fiction mostly but I am reading a Christian historical fiction called Newton and Polly by Jody Hedlund. My husband is a librarian (I know, that is seriously the coolest thing ever that I am married to a librarian!) 🙂 ❤ And since he is a librarian, he is continuously getting new books into the library including this one. He suggested I read this particular fiction work because he knew that I am intrigued by all things music/hymn-related plus I love the period of history covered in this book and most of all, I love the story of the man highlighted in this book-John Newton.

Yes, the John Newton. The writer of the most beloved hymn Amazing Grace!  I have heard dramatizations of his life, read biographies about him, and was thrilled to see his life portrayed in the movie Amazing Grace a few years ago. He is just a wonderful example of what God can do with anyone!

Anyway, this book is loosely based on how John Newton met his future wife, Mary (Polly is her nickname.) I’m a little over half way through and enjoying it greatly. First, it is a nice quick easy read which is always great for this tired mama’s brain! 🙂 Second, it is a sweet retelling of the story of John and Polly’s first years together and how God changed both of them through their early years of courtship. So far, the only weird part about the book is the fact that it is almost trying to surprise the reader by hiding the identity of John and Mary by calling them mostly by Newton and Polly. The fact that the subtitle of the book is A Novel of Amazing Grace kind of gives away what the author seems to try to hide for much of the book. It’s just an oddity and not too distracting to the plot at all.

So I would highly recommend this book to Christian fiction lovers especially. And there we have it, another book being read!

What about you? Feel free to leave a comment on what you are currently reading or some of your favorite genres and authors. I always love the recommendations! 🙂

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Cheerful Giving and Church Attendance?

Tomorrow our church is hosting a benefit for a local family. The wife has had an incredibly hard year health-wise, including the need for her leg to be amputated which will leave her pretty much wheelchair bound for the rest of her life. We live in a small community so it is common to have benefits to help out our neighbors who need an extra hand. This time it is our church leading the way since the family attends our church. My dad and several other handymen and women of the church completely renovated the family’s house to make it practically brand new and completely wheelchair accessible. What is amazing is how willing people are to give, not just of their money but of their time and resources. We have rotations of food being cooked for them so they don’t have to stress over meal prep. Former employers of theirs donated many of the supplies necessary to do the renovations. Our whole church has pretty much found one way or another to help out, whether by actually renovating or by doing laundry for them or helping with their chores.  It’s always amazing when a tragedy hits how these communities come together in a show of support.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, a few days ago I stumbled across an article on Facebook that frustrated me. Basically, it was a young man maybe a year older than me at most complaining about why people our age aren’t interested in God or church or religion. His main thesis of the article was that the Christians he had witnessed at churches the past few years wouldn’t help those who were poor and in need. His claim was lack of generosity from churches was the main reason young people weren’t attending church anymore. His reasoning was flawed at best in the article as to the connection between lack of giving and church attendance but I will leave all that to discuss another time. What did get me thinking was the statement that church people do not do enough to help the less fortunate.

First off, I find it interesting that this young author referred to Christians often as “church people.” Personally, I think that could be the issue right there. Just because a person attends a church does not necessarily mean they are a Christian-someone with a vital committed relationship with Jesus Christ. Some people attend out of social or family obligations and hold no true faith to what they encounter at church, some people attend church out of curiosity to see if it is something for them, and some people attend with hypocritical hearts. Plus, take into account those true Christians at church are also human and prone to mistakes still. Churches are filled with messy lots of people not perfect porcelain dolls.

Jesus said the poor would always be among us and He was right. They certainly are. And I’m not just talking about the American version of poverty line, there is the poverty line where people sell their own family members to slavery or where whole families perish from hunger or fresh drinking water everyday. The poor are there. There is no denying that there is always a need. But are Christians ignoring that need or are they stepping up to be the hands and feet of Jesus?

What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments and I will plan to continue these thoughts and more in my next post!

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Writing Again

Well, I must admit that I have my reservations about blogging again. Partly because I don’t know if it is a hair-brained scheme of my pregnancy mind. Partly because I wonder if I should be taking any time for such simple musings. I mean, there is always more chores to be done and more games of Peek-a-boo to be played with Laura. But at the same time, I couldn’t be more certain that I should be blogging again. It is so refreshing to be getting all the thoughts that rumble around in my head out onto paper or onto screen, depending on the point in the day. My husband has also been great about encouraging me to try this venture again which gives me peace that this might be the perfect time for me to be blogging again.

As I mentioned in the past, I am thinking of attempting to turn blogging into a money making project as well but for now, I am trying to just not panic and enjoy the moments of sharing thoughts with others again. It’s been fun to find other blogs to comment on and read through. It has also been crazy eye opening how hard writing has gotten for me. I am super rusty at this!

For the most part, I am just praying that God continues to confirm that He wants me to do this blog and that I can share more of Him with the world through whatever humble words I can pen. I do want all that I write and all that I do to truly glorify Him! Please pray for me if you have a chance too as I am just learning this all over again and again that I am wholly dependent on Him to help me. I can do all things through Christ but that doesn’t always mean the blog topics will flow quickly or simply or that the time in my day will be easy to come by.

With all that being rambled, I just want to say again, thank you for following the beginnings of my humble blog and I will see you again tomorrow, Lord willing!

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