Cheerful Giving and Church Attendance?

Tomorrow our church is hosting a benefit for a local family. The wife has had an incredibly hard year health-wise, including the need for her leg to be amputated which will leave her pretty much wheelchair bound for the rest of her life. We live in a small community so it is common to have benefits to help out our neighbors who need an extra hand. This time it is our church leading the way since the family attends our church. My dad and several other handymen and women of the church completely renovated the family’s house to make it practically brand new and completely wheelchair accessible. What is amazing is how willing people are to give, not just of their money but of their time and resources. We have rotations of food being cooked for them so they don’t have to stress over meal prep. Former employers of theirs donated many of the supplies necessary to do the renovations. Our whole church has pretty much found one way or another to help out, whether by actually renovating or by doing laundry for them or helping with their chores.  It’s always amazing when a tragedy hits how these communities come together in a show of support.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, a few days ago I stumbled across an article on Facebook that frustrated me. Basically, it was a young man maybe a year older than me at most complaining about why people our age aren’t interested in God or church or religion. His main thesis of the article was that the Christians he had witnessed at churches the past few years wouldn’t help those who were poor and in need. His claim was lack of generosity from churches was the main reason young people weren’t attending church anymore. His reasoning was flawed at best in the article as to the connection between lack of giving and church attendance but I will leave all that to discuss another time. What did get me thinking was the statement that church people do not do enough to help the less fortunate.

First off, I find it interesting that this young author referred to Christians often as “church people.” Personally, I think that could be the issue right there. Just because a person attends a church does not necessarily mean they are a Christian-someone with a vital committed relationship with Jesus Christ. Some people attend out of social or family obligations and hold no true faith to what they encounter at church, some people attend church out of curiosity to see if it is something for them, and some people attend with hypocritical hearts. Plus, take into account those true Christians at church are also human and prone to mistakes still. Churches are filled with messy lots of people not perfect porcelain dolls.

Jesus said the poor would always be among us and He was right. They certainly are. And I’m not just talking about the American version of poverty line, there is the poverty line where people sell their own family members to slavery or where whole families perish from hunger or fresh drinking water everyday. The poor are there. There is no denying that there is always a need. But are Christians ignoring that need or are they stepping up to be the hands and feet of Jesus?

What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments and I will plan to continue these thoughts and more in my next post!

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