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Current Reads-Newton and Polly

Today I’m taking a break from my blog posts about giving (still working on smoothing out and crafting the next section on it.) But I still wanted to write and share something so I decided to highlight the current book I am reading.

First off, this book is a little out of my normal reading range. I tend to read non-fiction mostly but I am reading a Christian historical fiction called Newton and Polly by Jody Hedlund. My husband is a librarian (I know, that is seriously the coolest thing ever that I am married to a librarian!) 🙂 ❤ And since he is a librarian, he is continuously getting new books into the library including this one. He suggested I read this particular fiction work because he knew that I am intrigued by all things music/hymn-related plus I love the period of history covered in this book and most of all, I love the story of the man highlighted in this book-John Newton.

Yes, the John Newton. The writer of the most beloved hymn Amazing Grace!  I have heard dramatizations of his life, read biographies about him, and was thrilled to see his life portrayed in the movie Amazing Grace a few years ago. He is just a wonderful example of what God can do with anyone!

Anyway, this book is loosely based on how John Newton met his future wife, Mary (Polly is her nickname.) I’m a little over half way through and enjoying it greatly. First, it is a nice quick easy read which is always great for this tired mama’s brain! 🙂 Second, it is a sweet retelling of the story of John and Polly’s first years together and how God changed both of them through their early years of courtship. So far, the only weird part about the book is the fact that it is almost trying to surprise the reader by hiding the identity of John and Mary by calling them mostly by Newton and Polly. The fact that the subtitle of the book is A Novel of Amazing Grace kind of gives away what the author seems to try to hide for much of the book. It’s just an oddity and not too distracting to the plot at all.

So I would highly recommend this book to Christian fiction lovers especially. And there we have it, another book being read!

What about you? Feel free to leave a comment on what you are currently reading or some of your favorite genres and authors. I always love the recommendations! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

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