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Why Christians Need Other Christians

How many of you are introverts? How many of you are not necessarily introverts but just want some days where you don’t have to deal with people ever again? Perhaps it is after a long day of work, especially if you have to work with the public! 🙂 As much as there are times and places where I love to hang out and catch up with friends and enjoy relationships with others, I must admit there are many days where I just want to pull the shades, turn on Netflix and never see another soul (at least for a day or so!)

While there is nothing wrong with taking time away from people (Jesus did it when he went away from the crowds to pray and be alone early in the morning), it can become problematic when we start to idolize time by ourselves. Speaking as an introvert especially, there are times when I truly struggle with reaching out to those in my circle of relationships. It is exhausting and I would prefer to fulfill my fleshly desire to just be alone. And this isn’t the alone like Jesus exemplified where He spent purposeful quiet time meditating and talking to God, this is selfish “ME” time.

Before I go too far with this, let me state that there definitely are times in our day where we should take a few minutes to ourselves to refresh but those should be moments to refuel ourselves for what God is calling us to do with our day, not extended times of indulgence. This is where I struggle. I want (read: idolize) the extended times and God doesn’t call me to that right now, especially in this season as a young mother. As with everything, it is hard to find that balance.

My best practical advice for this is to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to make it aware to you when you are stepping over that line of needed moments alone and into the area of indulgence of your fleshly desires over God’s will. This is an area that is easy to turn into legalization as well so be sure to guard against that, how God calls you to use your time is between you and Him. It will most likely look very different from those around you, especially if you are in different seasons of life.

How about you? What are some ways that you find God calling you away from the busyness of the world and relationships to spend time with Him? Or how is He calling you out into the world and to relationships in purposeful ways? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

And next time, I will continue with the flip side of this conversation-the need for fellowship and relationships with others, especially other Christians!

Thanks for stopping by!

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