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Practical Fellowship Ideas for Building Relationships with Other Christians

How often have you wanted to try to have times of fellowship with other Christians? I mean, you know fellowship with other believers is something that God has called you to do to help grow your faith yet you just can’t figure out ways to do that.

Below is a list of practical ideas for initiating times of fellowships with other believers. This list is in no way exhaustive-this is just to serve to get your creative juices flowing. Perhaps one of these would work for you with a little tweaking. The most important thing to remember is to pray and ask God to show you what ways He wants you investing your time with other believers to help you all grow in your spiritual lives and to help you be better at reaching out to a lost world. Okay, with all that said, here’s some ideas! 🙂

  • Plan a camping trip. There is something about sitting outside in God’s creation around a crackling fire that makes people want to open up and share. Some of the best discussions I have ever had with teens in youth groups have been around campfires. These times of quiet and disconnect from the busyness of the usual world allow for time to consider how big God is and ways we, as Christ-followers can know and serve Him better. Variations on this idea can include picnics at a local park or bike rides to a local tourist location.
  • Host a group for mothers to put together freezer meals in bulk at a local church or school kitchen. Find something practical that moms already have to get done-like feeding their busy families-and turn it into an opportunity for fellowship. Again, this can be changed to fit any group. For instance, men could have an oil change Saturday where they work together with a local mechanic to check and change everyone’s oil. Or teens could have a service Saturday where they travel to several elderly people’s homes and help them clean up their yards in the spring or the fall. These are all great ways to get like minded Christian groups serving others in the body of Christ as well as outreach options too.
  • Go Christmas caroling. This one is actually a yearly tradition at my church. We round up a group of carolers, carpool to several places including the local nursing homes, elderly and disabled shut-ins, and local military families and we sing for an entire afternoon. To wrap up, we all come back to church together, eat warm soup and just enjoy fellowshipping. It is a great way to step back from the busyness of the Christmas season and focus on the real reason for the season-celebrating Jesus birth-with other Christians!
  • Go on a Prayer Walk. Last year, a local Christian couple led a prayer walk through our town starting at the elementary school winding around town past the middle school and ending at the park across from the high school. What was awesome was the group of people that showed up. They were from pretty much every church in town! It became an awesome experience of worship and prayer across the denominational divides and it really made everyone aware again of the importance of praying for those in our local community. Another variation of this could be a prayer vigil before an important election or an all-night prayer meeting to begin or end a school year.
  • Host a training and/or retreat for Christians. There are TONS of resources out there that allow to create a retreat/training weekend with relatively few headaches. Perhaps have a weekend evangelism training program. Or consider hosting a marriage retreat for Christian couples. This is a bigger commitment then the other options I believe but it also can have a huge impact in the long run towards building fellowship within a community of believers. Bonus points go to the fact that this idea also works to equip believers in their faith walk even more!

For Kids:

Let’s not forget to train and bring up the younger generation to learn a love for fellowshipping with other believers. Here are a few ideas that can be tailored to the younger people in your lives.

  • Birthday party for Jesus. What kid doesn’t love a birthday party? Turn this excitement into a great celebration at Christmas time by focusing on Jesus and His birth. There are pages of ideas on Pinterest plus certain Christian bookstores even sell Happy Birthday Jesus supplies and kits to make planning this party an one easy. Best of all, you can help kids focus on the fact that they can give their hearts to Jesus! Variations of this could be Resurrection celebrations at Easter or Passover meals to explain the traditions that Jesus held while He was on Earth.
  • Host a Sports day camp. Perhaps you have some athletic Christians in your circle of friends who would be willing to hold a day camp for basketball or baseball or some other sport. This could be a fantastic time of fun and friendship for kids who have athletic abilities plus you can come alongside this time with special discussions about how we need to run our life race well. There are tons of sports/fitness analogies out there to reach out to kids and help them grow in their faith with other kids their own age. Variations of this could include music camps or drama clubs depending on talents and skills within your circle of believers.
  • Nursing Home Visitations. Pick a holiday like Valentine’s Day and have kids take a day to create Valentine’s Day cards for all the residents and staff at a local nursing home. Then take the kids to the nursing home and allow them time to visit and mingle with the residents and give out their cards. It’s best to pick “smaller” holidays as often no one thinks to celebrate these times with shut-ins. This is a way to get the kids out of their comfort zone and talking to others plus it will be a bright point to the older generation. I have done this before with a small Bible study group of mine and it was a powerful time of fellowship and service that some of them still talk about!

Ideas for times of meaningful fellowship are endless. What matters is that you pray for God’s leading and then take action! Also, don’t discount unplanned times of fellowship that occur naturally in the course of life. Perhaps you run into a Christian friend at the grocery store and end up having a great conversation or while working out at the gym you strike up a conversation with another Christian who happens to listen to the same music you do. God will lead to just the right fellowship times that you need. Be open to taking those times and savoring them. It truly can be a taste of what Heaven will be like someday!

Share any ideas you have in the comments! I love hearing how other believers find unique and creativity ways to spend time together!

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