About Me

My blog world name is MissMarie127 however most people know me better as Amber. ūüôā The Miss Marie part is actually a nickname from when I was growing up and I liked it enough to use it as a screen name.

Well, there are lots of little things you could know about me …however the most important thing to know about me is that it is NOT about me!

Each day it is my desire to say “I must decrease and He(Jesus) must increase!”
It is my hope that when people see me, they look past me and see my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Okay, now a few of those little facts:

  • Grew up as a Farmer/Rancher’s daughter (and wouldn’t have it any other way!)
  • Married to a former teacher turned librarian (we are both introverted bookworms!)
  • Homeschool and College Graduate
  • Journal writing/word loving/book reading gal
  • Homemaker for my sweet little family
  • Teaching piano one day a week to see if I can cut it as a piano teacher at least part-time
  • Cricut card making hobby when time allows

I am married to an amazing Christian man, Nick, and we have an adorable little girl, Laura, who just turned one year old! We also found out we are expecting a little boy in four more months to add to the crazy fun of our home. On top of that, we have one very energetic mutt dog named Winnie who keeps the house sufficiently dirty and gives great puppy kisses! In the past we have been host family to several foreign exchange student daughters but for now that season of life is over due to hectic crazy life stuff. Life is amazing and wonderful and hard and God is teaching me new things each day that I want to write and share about with you.
I am honored to have you stop by to visit my blog! Hope to hear from you in the comments!

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