Learning Again


Well, I am learning about blogging all over again. It is not as easy as I had hoped, maybe because I keep getting caught up by reading Pinterest posts by professional bloggers who make it look easy and have been doing it forever in comparison to me. It’s amazing how horribly simple my blog looks in comparison to theirs!

There is a quote that I have heard (no idea who said it) about not comparing your beginnings to someone else’s middles. I like the thought of that again right now. It’s easy to fall prey to this idea that my life has to look like others who are in totally different areas of life than I am. For instance, my mom’s house is so CLEAN compared to mine. She lives in a big house alone with my dad and it almost always looks company ready. I have an active toddler in mine who can undo hours of cleaning in less than 5 minutes time. Different stages of life dictate that I cannot compare my house to my mom’s right now.

My reading list that I accomplished during the first (childless) years of marriage are impressive (not to brag but I read some good but tough stuff!) Right now, I can’t stay awake through a basic shorter C.S. Lewis book and am happy to make my goal in reading a little easier on myself since I know that this time of life just doesn’t offer the focus necessary for certain types of study and books. That’s okay. Someday I will have that kind of quiet time and focus again and all I will probably want is a little girl who kisses me while she has Cocoa Puffs in her mouth. Okay, I am getting teary eyed…must NOT think of her growing up way too quick!!

Finally, I cannot compare my relationship with Christ to other Christian’s walks. First, I have no idea where God is leading other people in their walks. They could be facing far deeper issues than I will ever guess and God could be working on them in super special ways that are unnoticed by the world. Also, I cannot assume mine is better than another’s just because it looks different from my own. For the longest time, I had this very vain idea that reading the Bible on one’s phone just wasn’t a good way to cultivate time in God’s Word. Now I am the mom who gets daily reminders of Scripture sent to her phone so I at least get some Bible study in every day, even if it is just a two minute text! Now, don’t confuse me, I still LOVE studying my Bible pages that are all marked up and mine and smell great and such but again, different season of life. I just don’t have that opportunity every single day so I grasp the moments with God and His word where ever and whenever I can get them!

So for today, I am learning again and again. Thank God for little lessons in small moments of the day. 🙂

Now excuse me while I go get some more kisses from my adorable and crazy daughter who is currently pushing chairs all over the house and giggling about the crashing noises. 🙂